Small-Scale Synthesis
Working Reference Standards
Isotopically Labeled APIs

Splendid Lab is dedicated to meeting the special needs of researchers (be it NCE generation or NCE Related Process or DMPK evaluation for NCE). We are willing to accommodate most special situations as they arise.

Quantity Requirements

If less than the catalog quantity of a product is required, and the material is in stock, it is our policy to always try and meet our customer’s requirements, whatever they may be, and whenever it is possible.

Special Packaging

Splendid Lab’s reputation for accommodation, quality, and service extends to meeting customized and specialty packaging requirements whenever possible.

Other Services

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    Tie ups with approved Bio Clinical services centre for the BA/BE studies.

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    Tie ups with API manufacturing companies.

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    Tie ups with formulation development labs for all the solid and semi solid oral dosage forms.